Custom Wooden Boxes

Durable Custom Wooden Boxes in Sydney

When you need to ship items anywhere in Sydney, across Australia or to another country, our custom wooden boxes provide a secure shipping solution that offers incredible protection. You can ship any fragile equipment or product without worrying about its wear and tear.

Using wooden storage boxes as your shipping solution allows you to transport even the largest of items without any hassle. These durable and sturdy wooden boxes can be reused which is ideal if your business relies on such shipments.

Our custom wooden boxes can maximize the number of products per shipment as compared to standard wooden storage boxes to help you save drastically on storage and transportation expenses. Once you have provided the brief, our experienced team can make custom wooden boxes or small wooden boxes to your specific requirements to minimise any movement or impairment during transportation.

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Brand Awareness with Wooden Storage Boxes

Our custom wooden boxes not only help in secure shipping of your products but support in creating a brand identity. Stenciling your brand name on our custom wooden boxes ensures that the word goes all the way to the customers in Australia.

Your brand logo represents your company and makes it distinctive and recognizable. Every time a customer will see your logo on our wooden storage boxes, it will enhance the brand recognition for your company.  Stencilling your brand logo is a simple and cost-effective way to create awareness and boost your business.

Not sure about the requirements of the boxes? We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that can assist you with a range of styles, sizes and material options suitable for your shipping and product requirements. Feel free to contact our experts to discuss the needs of your business in Australia.


Secured Shipping with Custom Wooden Boxes in Sydney

These durable custom wooden boxes are made from high quality timber that will safeguard the contents during shipping, ensuring that products arrive safely and intact. Our wooden storage boxes offer optimal security to avoid any unwanted or unauthorised access. We can even add inserts to our custom wooden boxes for fragile items including molded foam, corrugated foam or wood to ensure added safety and protection.

All of our custom wooden boxes are in compliance with ISPM 15 standards and undergo extensive heat treatment so you can rest assured that they can withstand any harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. They are completely resilient to termite infestation or other wood bugs.

Our ultra modern and automated manufacturing equipment ensures quick turnaround for any project size. We can supply custom wooden boxes either in fully knocked down condition or fully assembled as per client’s requirement in Australia.

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