Second Hand Pallets

Affordable Timber Pallets: in Sydney

Second hand timber pallets are a cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden pallets in Australia. They are an ideal choice for shipping domestically or overseas. Timber pallets are lightweight which is crucial due to the ever-increasing cost of transportation. Save substantially on transportation cost with our second-hand wooden pallets from Australia.

Our aim is to deliver superior quality services to our customers without wasting the resources. Our second hand wooden and timber pallets undergo a series of inspections to ensure that they retain the same level of reliability as our other products.

Trust us for all of our used pallets are inspected and treated thoroughly for their flaws and quality assurance. You can be rest assured that our used wooden and timber pallets will not succumb under any extreme conditions during transportation.

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Superior Quality Wooden and Timber Pallets

We have stocks of good quality second hand wooden pallets in Sydney. Most of our stock of second hand wooden pallets are repaired and painted. They undergo extensive heat treatment to adhere to the ISPM 15 standards. Their repair is inexpensive and they are resistant to corrosion and other wooden bugs that might harm your products.

Our range of second hand timber pallets includes popular sizes which work well for export, saving the hassle of sourcing heat treated pallets. Our plastic pallets are made from reusable plastic material so they are completely eco-friendly. They are extremely durable and have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Timber pallets offer minimum friction so they can be slid and stored effortlessly to reduce your storage and labour expenses. They are easily manageable and can withstand any weather conditions.

Timber pallets need not to comply with ISPM 15 standards so there is no delay in the delivery your shipment due to timber regulations. They are easier to clean, non toxic and moisture resistant so there is no accumulation of bacteria or fungus.

Timber pallets are an ideal option if your shipment is hygiene sensitive otherwise you may opt for used wooden pallets. Talk to our experts to discuss your business requirements and find the best suitable option for your products in Australia.

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We have over a decade of experience and knowledge so you can lean on us that we will find the most suitable and cost effective solution for your transportation and storage needs. We have dealt with a vast range of clients in New South Wales and can guarantee a quick delivery to ensure that you do not suffer from any unwanted loss.

At Wooden Box & Crate Co., we offer a comprehensive solution to ensure happy and satisfied clients. With our state of the art packaging software, you can be certain that your fragile and valuable items will be packed efficiently and will reach their destination without any harm.

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