Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

There is an increased demand for good quality Australian made wooden gift boxes and hampers. A unique way to make a statement, why not reward your valued clients or employees with our wooden gift boxes.

Our custom wooden packaging boxes are a thoughtful choice that establishes an emotional connection with the recipient in or beyond Australia. Add a personal touch to your gifts with our customised wooden gift boxes. Choose from plantation pine or plywood. You can customise them with a hinged lid, sliding lid, or an inset lid as per your desired specifications.

We also offer stenciling services that give a rustic look to our wooden gift boxes. Since these wooden gift boxes are very durable, stenciling them with your brand logo will ensure that your company’s name and logo will remain in front of the recipient for a long time, creating customer loyalty.

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Wooden Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

Packaging can be a real game changer despite the simplicity of your gift. Whether you are launching a new product or campaign, our wooden gift boxes are an ideal way to represent your business. Our simple yet classic wooden gift boxes ensure that your brand is heard, registered, and talked about.

Gone are the days when you could use the same old marketing tricks. Presenting your gifts in our wooden gift boxes is a cost effective method to spread the word about your brand.

Our wooden gift boxes paired with an elegant wine bottle or scrumptious chocolates will surely add the wow factor and make your loved ones feel cherished on occasions like Christmas,  Easter, or any other special day.


Finest Quality Wooden Gift Boxes

Our wooden gift boxes are made from the finest wood to ensure superior quality and durability. You can be assured that your products will be safe whether they are being shipped locally in Australia or overseas.

Our wooden custom packaging boxes can be crafted as per your specifications. We aim to provide a comprehensive service to our customers so we can also get your products ready for transport in our warehouse with our exclusive packaging software.

Here at Wooden Box & Crate Co., we take pride in our quality products. All of our wooden gift boxes are curated as per ISPM 15 standards. We do not discriminate between jobs so no matter what your order size is, we can craft a wooden gift box for you without any delay.

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