Custom Wooden Crates

Custom Wooden Crates

If you’re looking to ship items using a less expensive option than enclosed boxes, wooden crates may provide an excellent packaging solution. They are ideal for both land and sea freight, and are preferred in cases where goods need to be checked visually.

Large equipment and heavy machinery are often transported in this way as open wooden crates safely contain your items whilst on route to their destination. Wooden Box and Crate Co. can manufacture large and small wooden crates to your specific requirements.

No job is too small or too large. We understand the requirements of every business are not alike so we have a no minimum order policy. Regardless of what size your order is, we ensure of  superior quality product without any delay in and around Australia.

We manufacture an assorted range of wooden crates in different styles such as-

  • Machinery cases
  • Plywood cases
  • Display boxes
  • Retail boxes
  • Export crates
  • Fruit crates and bins

If you are not certain about your business needs, contact us and our experts will curate the best suitable option for your needs.

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Affordable Wooden Crates

Our wooden crates provide an ideal solution for your storage and packaging needs. These wooden crates are a comparatively affordable option compared to wooden boxes owing to their minimal manufacturing cost.

Our wooden crates are made from high quality timber which provides the required stability and sturdiness to ship your fragile items without any wear and tear. Due to their customised design and stability, they are an exemplary option for bulk storage and transportation in Australia.

Their straight forward design allows them to be stacked over each other effortlessly. This lets you save substantially on storage and labour costs. Our wooden crates undergo extensive heat treatment so you rest assured that they can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions in Australia.


Eco-Friendly Wooden Crates

Our heat treated wooden crates are entirely eco-friendly and free from any harsh chemicals or toxic additives so there is no leaching in your shipment. All of our wooden crates are ISPM 15 compliant so you can be certain that your shipping items will be completely safe with us whether you are shipping domestically in Sydney or overseas.

Our wooden crates are completely moisture resistant making them an ideal choice for shipping items that need to be moisture free. They are impervious to termite infestation or any other wooden bugs.

At Wooden Box & Crate Co., we are determined to provide unmatched customer satisfaction. Our years of experience and hands on knowledge has inspired us to curate a customised on-site packaging solution so that your goods are completely undamaged while they are en route.

Explore our products and services to discover how can we assist your business in Australia.