Providing transportation of goods solutions to both the domestic and commercial markets, our team of specialist manufacturers produce wooden crates of the highest quality to meet the needs of your business in Sydney. A multipurpose packaging solution, we offer customisable design features to ensure the security of your consignment while in transit and storage.

Using advanced fabrication techniques, we manufacture weight bearing wooden crates and pallets of the highest quality. Offering new and used packaging materials for both local and international export, our durable wooden crates are the cost-effective solution of choice for companies both large and small.


Producing durable and reliable wooden crates, our team of customer service professionals and skilled manufacturers will guide you through a variety of materials and customisable sizing options. Wooden Box and Crate Co. is the preferred supplier for domestic and commercial businesses across Sydney, we take pride in our reputation for excellence. The long-term benefits of Wooden Box and Crate Co. shipping and storage crates include:

  • Durability: Fabricated to accommodate heavy weights with ease, we use premium timber specifically chosen for its sturdy and durable weight bearing capacity.
  • Lightweight: Manufactured with an open, slatted design, our wooden crates reduce overall weight without compromising on stability. The reduced weight supports easier handling.
  • Re-usability: The durable design and fabrication ensures the long-term integrity of our crates, long after the initial transit or storage is complete. We design all our products with reuse and re-appropriation in mind.
  • Easy Repair: By simply replacing a broken timber board with another, we eliminate the need and cost associated with the full replacement of your product.
  • Customisable Sizing: Via our innovative fabrication techniques we customise both size and shape to suit all consignments and storage needs.
  • Visibility and Air flow: Our range of slatted wooden crates will reduce the misidentification of goods and allow for optimal air flow. This feature effectively protects your shipping and storage items.
  • Eco-Friendly: Fabricated from timber, our products are sourced from renewable resources and are fully recyclable.


Discuss your transportation and storage needs with our team of professionals at Wooden Box and Crate Co. Your customer experience is our business, call today on (02) 9618 1999.