Standard Wooden Pallets

Compact Wooden Pallets in Australia

Wooden pallets in Australia are often made in the preferred size of 1.165 x 1.165. This size fits perfectly side by side on a truck tray, maximising capacity and saving money for our customers. These standard wooden pallets can be customised as per your requirements in light weight, medium duty, and heavy duty pallets.

Our wooden pallets are an exceptional choice for the transportation and storage of your goods. Despite their strength, they are extremely lightweight and occupy minimal space so you can save drastically on transportation and storage expenses.

Our standard wooden pallets are extremely durable, reusable, and sturdy. They are able to support a hefty load of up to 2000 kg. Whilst the standard wooden pallets are amongst the most popular pallets we also offer custom wooden pallets that can be designed as per your business needs and requirements.

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Custom Wooden Pallets

We make sure that your goods reach their destination without any wear and tear. We have curated an assorted range of custom wooden pallets to suit your shipment requirements. As a leading wooden pallets manufacturer in Australia, we go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.

Our experienced and skilled team can design, fabricate, and deliver superior quality custom wooden pallets as per your specifications. Our wooden pallets are made from high quality lumber that can withstand any temperature or weather conditions in Australia.

You can choose from a block and stringer, 2 way, 4 way, flush, or wing and inset design. Stringer pallets offer a 2 way insertion whereas block pallets usually offer a 4 way insertion. They provide better clearance for forklift insertion and are ideal for carrying bulky goods.

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Superior Quality Wooden Pallets

No job is too small for us. We understand that different businesses have different requirements, so whether your order is minimal, standard, or bulk we can deliver high quality wooden pallets without any delay in Australia. Our extensive automated manufacturing equipment can produce large volumes of wooden pallets in minimal turnaround time.

Our ultra modern tools let us optimise your wooden pallet design to maximise load capacity and cost efficiency. With our state of the art equipment in Australia, our wooden crates are cut accurately to ensure that your over sized and fragile products reach their destination without any damage.

We can securely pack your goods at our warehouse to ensure maximum safety of your goods while they’re in transit.

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